About Us
    We strive to passionately bring the highest culmination of our lifetime carers to every gig. We daily hope to better ourselves and the world around us by reaching for our dreams and living them one day at time. Life is going to be hard work no matter what, So we make it our goal to work hard at what we love. In addition to our business we are a married couple and have two sons together.

We are the Flip'n Crippens!
Aaron Crippen
​We can only imagine how many times Aaron made his mother have a panic attack as a kid. But through out his life he has turned his childhood dreams into to a life long carer. Aaron served as a Airborne infantry soldier in the US Army 9 years for . He specializes in weapons, hand to hand combat, rigging and driving.  He is a ETCP certified rigger and OSHA lift operator, has a black belt in brazillian Ju Jutzu, and is a rescue certified scuba diver and . Aaron is a well rounded stunt performer and also has experience coordinating and acting.  Aaron Crippen IMDB
Monnya Silver Crippen
Monnya's life long passion for flipping and flying started when she was 4. She has a background in gymnastics, dance, equestrian acrobatics, CMX martial arts and aerial circus disciplines. She has been performing professionally for 15 years and is a a SAG-AFTRA stunt woman. Manya Crippen IMDB