Cirque Acts For Hire
add some WOW to your next event!

 Act descriptions are listed bellow. Each booking is different and we can be flexible with theme, costume and music to make our magic a perfect fit for your event. Please contact us directly for pricing, technical requirements, bundle options and more information. 

Live Stunts
Aerial Arts
Acrobatic Duo
Walk Around Characters 
Kid Wrangling
Aerial Silk Solo
Dynamic acrobatic dance on the ground seamlessly transitions to the air. This act features big drops, precarious flexibility and graceful feats of strength. 
Aerial Silk Duet
This dazzling duo of synchronized high end aerial entertainment,  fills a big space and will bring your event to life. This act features daring connection and unprecedented elegance. 
Aerial Horse "Bandara" Solo
A unique and  custom apparatus of an aerial equine will leave your imagination galloping away.  This act spins,  swings, and moves  in and out of artistic shapes and characters.  
Aerial Horse "Bandara" Duet
What is better then one gorgeous aerial rider in the sky? Two! This duo act,  most similar to duo trapeze, showcases trust, partnership and beautiful mirrored images.
Aerial Hoop Solo
Spinning shapes take form with powerful grace. Angular and draped shapes create a fascinating  act featuring the familiar and abstract. 
Aerial Hammock
This act features intriguing imagery in a  mysterious hanging pod. 
Duo Acro Adagio
A combination of hand to hand, acrobalance and dance. Our husband and wife duo will strum on your heart strings in this romantic, graceful act of balance and trust. 
Walk around Acrobalance, Ribbon and Wings
 Magical and whimsical strolling walk around entertainment will bring your event guests face to face with the party talent. 
Live Stunts
Give them something completely un-expected.Your guests will be talking about their surprise reactions to the live stunts for months.  Plant a fight, an explosion, or repel secret agents from the ceiling. We  bring the action of the movies to you!
Kid wrangling.
At your next party or event parents will get to enjoy them selves while the kids have a blast! We have 15 years  experience  in creative captivation and engagement of  children. We will bring music and equipment for games, movement, parachute, juggling, and rhythmic ribbon. Length of time, and number of kid varies.  We  offer roaming child activities and also more structured, stationary instruction.