Creative Action Adventure Core Curriculum
    *Power Posture
    *Gymnastics positions of Tuck Pike and Straddle
    *Vestibular system balance posture.
    *Cross Lateral Brain Integration. Crossing the midline with ease
    *Elevated Heart Rate
    *Abdominal Muscle activation
    *Barefoot articulation of the feet
    *Deep Breathing
    *Practicing manners for asking “ May I please” and “Thank You”

Each Episode of Creative Action Adventure is composed of movement that fulfills the Creative Action Core Curriculum. The movements essentially are very similar from episode to episode but the themes and imagery in which they are performed are very different. There is some repetition that makes the exercises and body positions familiar and also creativity to make them feel brand new. 

Creative Action Adventure script/treatment and core curriculum are coprighted under Registration # PAu 3-961-875