The mission of Creative Active Adventure is to bring more opportunity for physical exercise and integrated movement into the daily lives of as many children as possible.

Our passion is to help support children in harnessing the incredible power of their own physiology. It is our calling to give children an appropriate place for their wild and crazies and help them use their abundant physical energy with focus. 

Children of today have more academic pressure, more stagnant screen time and less access to movement opportunities in their daily lives than any previous generation. 

The child who lives in a small apartment in a big city needs this show. The parent trying to cook a family dinner while their kids won’t stop jumping on the furniture needs this show. The over scheduled child who is being carted around the town from school, to one enrichment activity after another, may still not be getting enough movement opportunity in the day and needs this show. The child who is showing delay in reading and writing but not enough to be qualified for occupational therapy needs this show. The children who can not go out and play outside for hours on end because of safety or weather conditions need this show. My own two children need this show and I want to make it for them and I know it will also help so many others.

 The 2018 October Parent Magazine just published a featured article by Danielle Braff “ RX for Play”. The article states that doctors are so worried about today’s inactive kids that they are literally giving their patients prescriptions for physically active play, and these prescriptions are encouraged by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Take a look around, ask any parent, and ask any teacher, the life of a child in our society is rapidly changing. We are not here to debate whether it is good or bad. What we do know is that kids naturally have so much physical energy because it is through movement that they learn and grow. For their physical and cognitive development they need to be moving. They NEED to run, jump, crawl, roll, climb, and they need to do it more then our current culture is allowing for . 

Our entire brain structure is intimately connected to and grown by the movement mechanisms within our body. We want our kids to be able to read and write and succeed but they are sitting in chairs, and car seats, and on couches for so much of their day. 

Kids have so much physical energy because it takes a lot of practice to gain mastery over their own bodies. Through hours and hours of varied physical play children build the neurological synapses that are the pathways for critical, fine and gross motor skills. Through this show we will bring awareness to children and adults of their own physical power.

No matter how academic our thinking may appear to be, it can only be manifested through the use of muscles in our bodies. Speaking, writing, making music and computing, are all functions of our eyes being able to focus on the page, our hand to hold the pencil and our fingers to dance on a key board. 

We want to give families an easy tool that is fun to practice, that will strengthen bodies and minds BEFORE their child may have trouble concentrating in school, BEFORE their child may have a hard time learning to read, BEFORE their child may be labeled as having a learning impairment. Not to discredit these challenges at all, but we really do believe that bringing more movement opportunities into our children's lives can make a big difference. We are going to be silly, dance, jump, have so much fun and possibly elevate the way our culture thinks about learning at the same time. 

Our target audience is 3-6 year old children, but the fun integrated movements will bring benefit to all members of the family young and old.

We would like to produce 3 seasons of 12, 15 minute episodes each and make them available on a public streaming sight for children all over the world to use for free. For more information, supporting research and our multi-platform strategy please see the the 

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