Manya’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious! She has a delightful dramatic flair which serves to enhance her movement sessions with our preschool children. Her love of children and passion for her work clearly shows. Her program has been an asset to our school.

-Ann Marie Berlino 
Director at NAEYC accredited Hinsdale Community Preschool, B.S. in Early Childhood Education, B.S. in Special Education, 30 years of early childhood educational experience.

​“Creative Action Adventure is so much Fun!”
-Ellie Feretti Age 4

​“ This is such important info for parents to know and yet, they do not get it anywhere. As a kindergarten teacher, I agree! Self regulation is the most important skill for learning, especially for the long periods of focus public schools (inappropriately) require of our littlest learners! Exercising self regulation through body control, spatial awareness and breath work is fabulous . Creative Action Adventure is so in-tune with the needs of our children and parents.”

-Che Chenall
20 years as an early childhood educator (public and private), dual licenses in Elementary Ed and ECE, Colorado level 4 credential

My particular soapbox as an OT is crossing the midline and bilateral coordination, so I loved the various ways that you incorporated those skills into movements! This is the kind of programming that I encourage parents to use with their little kids regularly, and also use myself within my OT sessions. Kids getting to "watch a video" while they’re at my sessions can be incredibly motivating, and it gives me a chance to be a quiet bystander and evaluate how they follow directions, self-regulate, and their attention to task, all without ME being the primary direction-giver and attention focus.

-Sara Gimarc Pediatric Occupational Therapist